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Anesthesia Technician

Anesthesia technicians provide a critical service to patients and surgeons.

Potential Salary$50,000

topics Health Sciences

Skills & InterestHelping People

CareersService Professions

  • Anesthesia Technology
  • Anesthesia Tech Student
  • Two Anesthesia Sutdents

Why choose Anesthesia Technician?

You will be involved in an exciting new career working beside and with the anesthesiologist in the operating room.

What will you learn?

  • Assume the role of a competent, caring anesthesia technologist in a variety of healthcare settings under the direct supervision of the licensed healthcare provider.
  • Demonstrate the principles of basic and advanced airway management in all phases of the perioperative episodes of care
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills; prioritizing, analyzing, anticipating, resolving problems, and acting instinctively and decisively in the anesthesia health care environment
  • Demonstrate accountability of practice with adherence to ethical and legal standards of the anesthesia technologist profession
  • Communicate effectively in the perioperative health care environment with all members of the healthcare team
  • Demonstrate rationale and competency with regard to anesthesia related equipment
  • Demonstrate the ability to maintain and service anesthesia equipment including cleaning, sterilizing, assembling, calibrating, testing, troubleshooting, and recording of inspections and maintenance.

What will you do?

You will work with the anesthesiologist to ensure adequate stock in the operating room.  The bulk of anesthesia technician time is spent preparing equipment and supplies for surgery. In this capacity, you would perform much of your work in a sterile environment. This commitment to sterility is important and the slightest compromise is unacceptable.

They ensure airway management equipment such as emergency intubation kits, light wands, fiberoptic bronchoscopes, laryngeal masks and cuffed oropharyngeal airway gear is on hand in every surgery suite.

Other pre-surgery tasks include –

  • Preparing patients
  • Ensuring properly functioning suctioning equipment is on hand
  • Setting up endotracheal tubes (ET)
  • Arranging transtracheal jet ventilation devices
  • Stocking self-inflating resuscitation bags, breathing circuits and masks
  • Ensuring the adequate stock of laryngoscope blades
  • Double-checking instrument calibrations
  • Ensuring gas cylinders are full, functional and on hand
  • Accreditation

    The anesthesia technology program at Chemeketa Community College has been issued a Letter of Review by the Committee on Accreditation for Anesthesia Technology Education (CoA-ATE). This status signifies that the program is seeking initial accreditation and has demonstrated sufficient compliance with the accreditation Standards through Letter of Review application materials and other documentation. Letter of Review is recognized by the American Association of Anesthesia Technologists & Technicians (ASATT) for eligibility to take the credentialing exam. However, it is NOT a guaranteed of eventual accreditation through CAAHEP. 

  • Curriculum & Prerequisites


    Program Prerequisites

    Course No.Course TitleCredits
    BI231 Human Anatomy and Physiology (w/in last 7 years) 4
    BI232  Human Anatomy and Physiology (w/in last 7 years) 4
    BI233 Human Anatomy and Physiology (w/in last 7 years) 4
    BI234  Microbiology (w/in the last 7 years) 4
    BI112 Cell Biology Health Occupation 4
    HM120 Medical Terminology 1 3
    HM121  Medical Terminology 2 4
    MTH095 Intermediate Algebra (or Higher)  4
    PSY201 Psychology: Mind and Body  4
    WR121 Academic: Composition 4


  • Criminal Background Check & Drug Testing

    Upon entry into this program, you will be required to pass a criminal background check and pass a ten-panel drug screening urinalysis conducted by college-approved vendor. If you do not pass the criminal background check and/or drug screening, program registration will not be possible. Additionally, two-year programs require you to repeat the processes at the start of the second year. 

    For a list of disqualifying crimes, please see Disqualifying Crimes. For a more in-depth list, please see Disqualifying Crimes Expanded List

    For more information call the Health Sciences Department at 503.399.5058.

  • Program Application

    Winter 2022 Application 

    Applications are now being accepted from August 11th until November 15th.

    The program is eligible for Financial Aid.

    Submit your completed application packet to - 

    Health Sciences Department at