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Child Attending School

Information for students and paying parents regarding Child Attending School Confirmation and Written Consent for Disclosure for the Division of Child Support.

Child Attending School at Chemeketa

Chemeketa supports the intent of the Department of Justice Division of Child Support and makes every effort to provide information in a timely and efficient manner. Chemeketa has guidelines that will clarify and answer many common questions and concerns regarding the child attending school process.

Always be prepared to show photo ID when requesting information in person.

How to Provide "Written Consent for Disclosure"

  • The student must submit a Written Consent for Disclosure Form from their MyChemeketa email account or in person with a photo ID to –

    Chemeketa Enrollment Services
    Salem Bldg. 2, Rm. 200

    • Chemeketa does not accept these forms by mail or fax 
    • The parent may not submit the form for the child
  • This written consent form –
    • Is valid for one year from the date signed
    • Automatically expires upon the child’s 21st birthday
  • The child may rescind consent at any time via My Chemeketa

 What Information is Available to Disclose

  • Chemeketa does not collect attendance and cannot provide this information
  • Chemeketa does not report grades until the end of the term
    • Grades are not mailed, but are available on My Chemeketa, as long as the student is in good financial status with the college
    • Chemeketa does not release grades over the telephone
  • The paying parent may request a copy of the student’s final grades at the end of term or verification of enrollment during a term at Enrollment Services with photo ID
    • Please complete this form before submitting your request
    • Requests will be processed within one business day
  • A written request for this information can be mailed to –

    Enrollment Services
    PO Box 14007
    Salem, OR 97309-7070
  • Final grades can then be mailed to the paying parent's address provided on the Written Consent for Disclosure Form
    • If the paying parent's address changes during the term, the child must submit a new Written Consent for Disclosure Form with the new address in person with photo ID to Enrollment Services

Child Attending School Confirmation

  • The child must submit the Child Attending School Confirmation Form in person with a photo ID to –

    Chemeketa Enrollment Services
    Salem Bldg. 2, Rm. 200
    • Chemeketa does not accept these forms by mail or fax 
    • The parent may not submit the form for the child
    • If the student attends another Chemeketa location, they may submit their documents to that campus or center. The documents must be routed to Salem Campus for processing and this may create a delay in processing
  • Make sure the Written Consent for Disclosure is turned in before or with this form
    • We cannot accept another form of records release in lieu of the Written Consent for Disclosure
    • Without the Written Consent for Disclosure on file, the Division of Child Support might reject your documentation
  • The Child Attending School Confirmation Form will be completed while you are at Enrollment Services

Enrollment Verification

  • Full-time enrollment is defined at Chemeketa at 12 or more credit hours each term
  • Half-time enrollment is defined as 6-11 credit hours
  • Satisfactory academic progress at Chemeketa is defined as maintaining a cumulative grade point average of 2.00    
  • New students in their first term of enrollment are considered in good academic standing
  • We cannot verify enrollment or academic progress in non-credit programs (i.e. GED programs or high school programs)