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Visual Communications Course Sequences

See the classes you should take each term to complete the Visual Communications certificate or degree you want to earn.

Visual Communications Certificate & Degree Course Sequences

Getting Started

The program has special admission requirements and enrollment limits. Attending a program overview session is required in order to learn all current program information and application procedures. Sessions are scheduled throughout the year, and dates are posted on the program web site at You will also find a digital program application on the web site. A portfolio of previous work is part of the application process. Your work can be in any media—not just graphic design.

The first step to entering this program is to take part in an assessment process, which includes taking the college’s free placement test and meeting with Chemeketa’s Advising and First Year Programs staff. You may need to complete program entry requirements. Then your advisor will help you develop an individualized program of study.

Entry Requirements
CourseTitleCredit Hours
XMTH5001A Numerical Reasoning non-credit
RD115 Academic Thinking and Reading 3
WR115 Introduction to Composition 4

The Visual Communications program accepts digital applications for fall entry from the last week of April through the last week of June. Students may apply for the program while completing the prerequisite courses listed above.

If you have questions about program requirements, contact the Visual Communications program at 503.399.5070 or email the program chair.

Be sure to review the catalog for important information about program outcomes and other details not found in this listing.

See course descriptions for more information about your classes.

Graphic Design Degree

Course Sequence
TermCourseTitleCredit Hours
1 ART115 Basic Design: Two-Dimensional* 4
  ART131 Introduction to Drawing 1 4
  VC111 Introduction to Visual Communications 4
  VC114 Introduction to Digital Graphics 1 4
2 ART207 Graphic Design Literacy** 4
  ART224 Type Design 1 4
  VC115 Introduction to Digital Graphics 2 4
  WR121 Academic Composition* 4
3 ART118 Digital Design and Color 4
  ART225 Type Design 2 4
  VC224 Layout 1: Page Design 4
  VC237 Web Design 1 4
4 ART221 Graphic Design 1: Icons and Symbols 4
  VC225 Layout 2: Intermediate Page Design 4
  VC246 File Prep 4
  VC272A Design Studio 2
  MTH060 Introductory Algebra (or higher)* 4
5 ART222 Graphic Design 2: Logo Design 4
  VC226 Layout 3: Publication Design 4
  VC235 Interface Design 4
  ART239 Intro to Digital Illustration (winter) OR 4 or
  ART265 Photography (any term) OR 4 or
  VC238 Web Design 2 (fall) 4
6 ART223 Graphic Design 3: Package Design 4
  PSY104 Workplace Psychology* 4
  VC283 Business of Graphic Arts 4
  VC284 Portfolio 4

* Indicates general education courses that can be taken any term.
** Indicates courses can often be taken Summer term.

Multimedia Arts Degree

Course Sequence
TermCourseTitleCredit Hours
1 ART115 Basic Design: Two Dimensional* 4
  ART265 Photography 1 4
  ART203 New Media Art 4
  VC114 Introduction to Digital Graphics 1 4
2 ART120 Digital Media Time Design 4
  ART237 Photo Illustration 4
  ART131 Introduction to Drawing* 4
  ART202 History of Photography OR 4 or
  FA255 Understand Movies: Film Styles OR 4 or
  FA256 Understand Movies: Directors OR 4 or
  FA257 Understand Movies: Theme/Genre 4
3 ART266 Photography 2 4
  FLM230 Audio Production & Sound Design 4
  ART118 Digital Design & Color 4
  WR121 Academic Composition* 4
4 FLM265 Documentary Filmmaking 4
  VC243 Animation & Motion Graphics 1 4
  VC272D Multimedia Arts Studio 2
  ART268 Documentary Photography 4
5 FLM266 Narrative Filmmaking 4
  VC244 Animation & Motion Graphics 2 4
  PSY104 Psychology in the Workplace* 4
  ART267 Portrait Photography 4
    Multimedia Arts Elective 2
6 FLM268 Independent Filmmaking 4
  ART249 Emerging Multimedia Arts & Technology 4
  VC286 Multimedia Arts Portfolio 4
  MTH060 Introductory Algebra (or higher)* 4

* Indicates general education courses that can genreally be taken any term, including summer.

Multimedia Arts Electives
CourseTitleCredit Hours
ART234 Figure Drawing 4
ART261 Darkroom & Film Photography 4
VC130 Photoshop 1 2
VC139 Illustrator 1 2
WR262 Screenwriting: Feature Films 4

* Select one course